Testimonials from past families whom we’ve helped.

“Thank you! Your follow up is amazing and your input is tremendously helpful.”  Lauren L.

“My daughter and I could not have asked for more thorough coaching or more comprehensive information. If you are seeking a team to drill down for your specific college entrance coaching needs, look no further! We have done everything by Skype because of the geographic distance, and I’m glad we went this route. I don’t believe there is anyone within several states of us that could have guided us with such aplomb. And a bonus? They are super nice people with a lot of empathy for others – that goes a long way in this nerve-wracking process!”  Julie S.

The college application process is daunting, especially when applying to higher ranked and out of state schools. My daughter has high aspirations and we wanted to help her open as many doors as possible. Not knowing where to start, we were immensely grateful to Percy and Livia for their professional expertise and their straightforward guidance. I don’t know how we would have gotten through the process without them. We met with them in person and by Skype and received frequent follow up emails and phone calls. We found that they have deep insight about each step of the process, including strengthening the application and essay and completing all financial aid requirements. Perhaps most importantly, they researched and recommended schools that best fit my daughter’s strengths and needs. As her acceptance letters arrive, we are confident that she has more options than she would have had without help from The Admission Ticket. This is an investment you won’t regret making!  Kim L.

TheAdmission Ticket really helped me in coming up with excellent, thorough essays. Percy was very clear and efficient. I give him the highest recommendation.  A. Sharma

The Admission Ticket helped me so much with SAT practice and my college essays. Because of their experience and knowledge, I was able to boost my SAT score by 200 points. Since I had confidence in their teaching style, I asked them to help me with my college essays. Without their guidance, I believe I wouldn’t have been able to learn new writing skills and improve my essays as much as I did.  Malika K.

There are factors within one’s control that can increase an applicant’s chances of getting admitted. A college essay is one of the most important. Percy and Livia helped optimize my daughter’s applications by brainstorming, guiding her through multiple edits, giving critical support, and providing professional and effective college admissions guidance.  They also gave her a last-minute ACT crash course, which helped her jump from the 93rd to the 98th percentile, a meaningful difference at the prestigious colleges to which she was applying.

It was a great pleasure to work with The Admission Ticket.    Semi N.

Whether you are a prospective college student or a parent, concerned about navigating the complexities of the college admissions process, look no further than The Admission Ticket.

 We worked long distance via Skype and email, which worked perfectly for both parents and daughter. Livia and Percy kept her on task and on time, improving her writing skills and confidence along the way. We are indebted to them for all of their expertise and recommend them without hesitation.

 Their unbiased opinions and sound guidance made the daunting process of developing a list of prospective schools, knowing how many (and which) tests to take, how to tailor essays to specific schools, fine-tuning each application, and understanding financial aid resources much less stressful than it would have been without them. No question ever went unanswered, always with total focus on the student/parents needs and always in a swift, congenial yet succinct manner. Thank you, Admission Ticket!   Mia N.