College Application Services

At The Admission Ticket, our goal is to provide you and your student with outstanding, customized guidance, tailored to your individual needs and respectful of your budget. We show you how to prepare for college and the often strenuous application process.

We provide a free introductory session, by Skype or – in the San Francisco Bay Area – in person.  After that, we communicate via Skype, phone and e-mail, as often as you need.

We work with all levels of students, and at various depths of involvement. The ideal time to start is early in your student’s high school career, when we can discuss courses, extra-curricular activities and areas of special interest. But if you’re only starting the process senior year, know that you are in good company and that it’s not too late to assemble an excellent college application.

Our services include any or all of the following:

* Build a list of dream, match and safety schools where you will thrive. In our view, the “right” school is not always the most prestigious. What matters more is a good match between a school’s offerings, and your student’s personality and passions. We will also talk to you about the concept of “financial” safeties – schools which may significantly lessen what you pay for college.

* Brainstorm and edit essays. The essay is a critical part of the application. More than a mere writing sample, it’s one of the best opportunities a student has to deliver a strong, meaningful message about his or her essence and excellence. We help students find their own unique stories and tell them compellingly, in their own voice.

* Prep for SAT or ACT test.  We help you understand what the tests do and don’t measure, and how to best prepare for them. To paraphrase Tolstoy: Excellent test takers perform alike; every underperforming test taker underperforms in his own way. If your student is struggling, we can help pinpoint problem areas, and provide strategies for improvement.

* Manage timelines and deadlines. We help keep students on track, and out of the last-minute panic zone.

* Prep for interviews. We help students prepare and relax, so they can speak about their interests and goals with confidence and poise.

* Optimize financial and merit aid. Financial aid can be an information quagmire that most parents simply aren’t familiar with. We’ll educate you about how and why students get money, about what factors affect the cost of your student’s education, and about the importance of limiting your student’s debt levels.

* Make a college application video. We wrote the book on this subject, and while making a one-minute video is not a “must”, for some students it’s an outstanding extra that can help push them over the top.

Do you have more questions, or would you like to set up a free initial consultation?

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