The right school, the right fit, the right strategy.

Applying to college today – and getting the money to pay for it – can be challenging and confusing. With over 2,500 colleges in the US, it’s hard to know where to apply, how to get in and how to get optimal aid.

At The Admission Ticket we mentor students and parents through the complexities of college admissions. We help you find best fit schools and formulate a strategy for getting in.

Every student has an application story. Together we work to tell your story compellingly and to create a standout application that conveys your essence and excellence.

One-on-one, we help you:

* Build a list of dream, match and safety schools where you will thrive.
* Write a standout personal essay that delivers a strong, meaningful message about who you are.
* Maximize your SAT/ACT scores by analyzing and identifying weak areas.
* Manage timelines and deadlines to keep you on track.
* Shine in an interview and get the most out of your college tour.
* Optimize financial and merit aid so you graduate without too much debt.
* Make an optional college application video. (See our book below, featured in The NY Times.)

We work in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by Skype nationwide.

“My daughter and I could not have asked for more thorough coaching or more comprehensive information. If you are seeking a team to drill down for your specific college entrance coaching needs, look no further! We have done everything by Skype because of the geographic distance, and I’m glad we went this route. I don’t believe there is anyone within several states of us that could have guided us with such aplomb. And a bonus? They are super nice people with a lot of empathy for others – that goes a long way in this nerve-wracking process!” Julie S.

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